Born of love

Social responsibility is a confidence of the sustainable development of the enterprise, and it is a commitment to the harmonious development of the society. Since its founding, the company has scrupulously adhered to the tenet of "caring for life and sharing health", leading employees and partners to pursue a healthy career together and grow together. Acer Guanren has always been to Ren Huai, will love the world, and take practical action, and constantly promote the process of the practice of corporate social responsibility, to provide more quality products for the benefit of mankind, for the people, continue to create social value.

The health of all people

Our medicines are improving the quality of life of patients and consumers around the world.

In order to play the role of the global health challenges, will expand the advantages of products to more people, we are using open innovation to target unmet medical needs, a new business model, to increase product access and strengthen medical infrastructure cooperation.

Social contribution


Our challenge

We create solutions for many of the most devastating and ruthless diseases in the world.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life by making people more, better, and longer life. In order to achieve this mission, we are adjusting our business mode and implementing sustainable development strategy through innovation and expansion visits, driven by our values.