What is corporate social responsibility

2018-03-05  HONGGUAN BIO-PHARMA CO.,LTD. 阅读 596

Corporate social responsibility is refers to the enterprise in the creation of profit maximization at the same time, also undertake to employees, consumers, communities and the environment of social responsibility, including compliance with business ethics, production safety, occupation health, protection of the legitimate rights and interests of workers and the protection ring, saving resources, support, social welfare, charitable donations to protect vulnerable groups. At the same time, for enterprises, corporate social responsibility is not simply to set up a provision of ethical norms in business management, because these Provisions are external and additional to enterprises, and do not have the moderating effect of moral self-discipline. In fact, enterprises in order to prove their products in accordance with the moral conditions produced, must take social responsibility as an important matters to promote business reputation and public image, if the responsibility of enterprises for their own behavior to the society to make moral guarantee".