Responsibility to the consumer

2018-03-05  HONGGUAN BIO-PHARMA CO.,LTD. 阅读 607

Pharmaceutical products for saving lives, related to human life, products must be safe and effective and applicable. Therefore, Hong Guan always adheres to the concept of "life first, safety first", and strictly fulfil the responsibility to the consumer. The responsibilities of Hong Guan to patients are: first, ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products, provide safe and effective medical products, meet the needs of consumers, and quality is the first, which is the basic responsibility of pharmaceutical companies. (2) can not carry on the false propaganda and other fraudulent behavior to the consumer. (3) in view of the low consumption ability of Chinese consumers, the macro crown will start from the reality, reduce the cost and provide more affordable drugs to the patients. (4) the patients have the right to know about the adverse drug reactions. Due to the particularity of pharmaceutical products, medical products had macro knowledge communication and health education on the obligations of consumers. The consumer dare to admit mistakes, assume responsibility for the loss of consumer spending. Due to the tolerance of drugs, patients after drug resistance will be the responsibility of Hong Guan and constantly develop new products to meet the human treatment and health requirements, the development of the cause of human health responsibility.