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New drug research and development platform for synthetic biology:

Zhao Guoping, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the director of the national human genome Southern Research Center.

Current landing project: ginsenoside CK

Important results:

The new drug research and development platform has won the municipal academician's workstation. 

2 patents authorized by the state have been obtained. 

A special subsidy for the creation of major new drugs in 2017 has been obtained.

New target biological nanoscale drug platform:

Led by the United States National Academy of Sciences Professor M. Oliveira merow bardo, introduced a new target for drug screening technology, bio nanotechnology in pharmaceutical field, to jointly develop new drugs. The current landing project: SIP30

Important results:

National patent: the composition and method for the treatment of neuropathic pain (patent number: US9068984) key technology of the nano drug delivery system platform.

Small molecular targeting drug development platform:

Led by Xiong Yue, a professor of Biochemistry at the University of North Carolina, he introduced small molecule targeted drugs, relying on the transfer and cooperation of domestic patents and technology to develop new drugs.

The current landing project: IDH

Important results:

1 national patents have been obtained in the United States; 6 applications for national patent applications and 2 core papers; 

2 products have been accepted by the State Administration of drug administration.

IDH project won the national major new drug creation special funding in 2017

High-end preparation development platform:

Led by Luo Xiaolong, director of Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Biomedical Research and Development Center, he is committed to high-end preparation technology such as lipid microspheres, liposomes and targeted release polymer biomaterials, and solves drug varieties with significant curative effects but high toxic side effects. Slow release and targeted release of the drug.

Important results:

An efficient loading method with specific selected liposome components is developed to improve loading and retention of tumor drugs in liposomes.