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Zhao screen

Chief manager and chief executive of a new drug R & D platform for synthetic biology

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; 

The chief scientist of the Institute of research; 

Academician Zhao Guoping is a leader in the field of molecular microbiology Chinese expert, executive director of the National Human Genome Research Center, director of the Shanghai National Engineering Research Center of bio chip, as director Chinese Society for Microbiology and Biological Engineering Institute, vice chairman of the Shanghai Society for microbiology.



Responsible person for the industrialization of innovative drugs

General manager of Hong Guan bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; 

East China University of Science and Technology has obtained a master of pharmaceutical chemistry and has been employed in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. It has worked in the Shanghai Institute of medicine, medicine and Yangzi River. In the joint drug research Co., Ltd. and the chief engineer of the the Great Wall pharmaceutical industry. He was the general manager of macro crown biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. since 2013. 

In product development, presided over the development of a class of drugs of Wuling capsule, Yuri Klein etc., and successfully obtained a new drug certificate and approval. Participate in the "Weilingxian in" project in 2008 by the major drug discovery fund. As the main person in charge, three kinds of new drugs and six kinds of products have been developed by the chief executive. More than 30 clinical and production approvals have been obtained, of which nearly 10 are the first ones to get production approval in China.


Yu Lei

A lifelong distinguished professor at Rutgers University in the U.S. 

The main manager of the new target biological nanomaterials research and development platform

Yu Lei professor at Rutgers University in new drug research and development center is mainly engaged in the research of molecular biology, drug research at nerve. The early morphine sulfate controlled-release tablets and the drugs for the treatment of muscle pain were listed in the US, which greatly improved the quality of life of pain patients. After 15 years of Mechanism Study on the animal model of sciatic nerve pain, Professor Yu Lei and his team found a new target SIP30 that acts on the pain of the sciatic nerve.