2016.9.29 Zhejiang Hong Guan Institute of biology and medicine held a commencement ceremony

2018-03-05  HONGGUAN BIO-PHARMA CO.,LTD. 阅读 1025

In the afternoon of September 28th, the construction project of the two phase of Hong Guan bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the commencement ceremony of the Hong Guan biological and pharmaceutical research institute were held. Zhao Guoping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liao Kan, vice president of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Pan Minfang, deputy mayor of Tongxiang, were present.

In the two phase of the construction project, established macrown biological medicine research institute, will use the independent patent technology, the introduction of international advanced level of drug preparation research, cooperation process route optimization and purification platform, analysis testing platform, information platform and other equipment. The project total investment of about 620 million yuan, relying on the Rutgers University Research Center, the United States guidingdrug a pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, China Shanghai Academy of life sciences, cooperation in the formation of "synthetic biology, drug development, a new target of bio nano drugs, small molecule drugs targeting the development of" three hit "world class drug research and development platform. After the project is built, the annual production capacity of 3 million box tablets, 15 million powder injections and 31 million 500 thousand water injections will be formed. The product has the characteristics of filling the domestic blank, replacing imports, saving energy and reducing consumption.

The general manager said that the landing of the Research Institute will greatly enhance the R & D capability of the enterprise, and support the development of the "macro crown organisms" with the support of drug research and development, thereby enhancing the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of "Hong Guan biology".