Accounting Supervisor

job description

1. The requirements of the office:

Bachelor degree or above in financial management or related major.

More than five years of medium scale enterprise financial management experience, with intermediate accounting title.

To master the professional knowledge of Finance and to implement national policies, laws and regulations and financial system.

It has the ability to organize financial accounting, financial supervision, and ensure the safety of the company's financial operation.

The financial work experience of pharmaceutical production enterprises and pharmaceutical sales enterprises is preferred.

2. Job responsibilities

Responsible for the overall financial accounting and financial supervision of the company.

To improve the company's financial management system, financial management regulations and methods.

The preferential policies, such as the tax declaration supervision and the various tax and exemptions and exemptions, are implemented.

Responsible for the preparation and execution of the financing and budget of the company and the process of execution.

Be responsible for communication with banks, tax, finance and intermediary agencies, and establish good working relations.

Responsible for the audit of the accounting statements, the original documents and the accounting vouchers, and the daily accounting business.

It is responsible for the supervision of cost accounting, cost accounting and asset inventory.

Be responsible for the communication and coordination between the Department and the various functional departments, and complete the work of the interim management of the leadership.