Organic synthesis researcher

job description

Job description: as the project leader, literature search, drafting or synthetic route and experiment plan of synthesis experiment, prepare application documents, until the completion of the project trial production; participate in new product research and technology research tasks; assist director of department management synthesis.

Post requirements:

1. Educational background: Bachelor degree or above in pharmaceutical chemistry or organic chemistry.

2, training and qualification: received professional knowledge education including organic chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacology and pharmacology, and experience in new product development.

3 or 3 years of experience in drug research and development. Familiar with the process of new drug research and development.

Basic skills:

1. It has certain organic synthesis skills, and has certain writing ability.

2, good expression and communication ability, strong understanding ability.

3, good at observation, good at thinking, good at learning, good at summing up, and good at improving.

4, we can find problems and solve problems, and have a certain ability to work independently.

5, can be self-restraint, observe the experimental procedures, have a strong sense of responsibility, no personal gain or loss, a strong sense of secrecy.

6. Familiar with the technical requirements of the state of API for the registration of raw materials.