Pharmacological toxicology researcher

job description

Post duties:

1, responsible for the pharmacodynamic evaluation and drug safety preliminary assessment of new drugs, involving research projects, application, supervision, implementation and acceptance summary.

2. Responsible for the establishment and evaluation of the animal disease model, as well as the specific experimental design and result analysis.

3, understand and follow up the latest progress in the research of pharmacology and toxicology of new drug declaration, and help to organize new drug batch materials and new drugs for approval.

4, have strong innovation ability, assist the technical team to complete the project development and document management.

5, be responsible for the daily operation of the Department and complete the work of the leadership schedule on time.


1, master's degree or above in pharmacology, toxicology, biochemistry pharmacy or pharmacokinetics and other related specialties. Over one year's relevant working experience, excellent graduates can also.

2, with the professional knowledge background of new drug research and development, familiar with basic knowledge and experimental skills of pharmacology and physiology related to biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

3. We have a certain understanding of the mechanism of disease and the mechanism of molecular biology, and are familiar with the animal models of diabetes and other diseases.

4, we can independently design pharmacological research programs, have strong experimental development capabilities, and have frontier cognition for new models, new technologies, new rules and the declaration of new drugs.

5. It can be independently carried out in vivo and in vivo and in vivo animal experiment design, experimental data analysis and processing.

6, with a high sense of responsibility and dedication.

7. Proficient in English reading and writing ability and strong ability to express words.