Verification Engineer

job description

Post duties:

Responsible for formulating the company's general verification plan and verification of management related regulations.

Responsible for formulating and examining the verification scheme, organizing the relevant personnel to carry out verification and re validation and carry out tracking and supervision.

Responsible for collecting, sorting, filing, writing verification reports, ensuring that all validation, revalidation activities are carried out and recorded in time.

Responsible for change control;

Responsible for supplier audit and evaluation.

Post requirements:

25~45 years old, bachelor degree or above in pharmacy or related major, good quality and good health.

More than 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical production and quality control, familiar with the 2010 edition of GMP and drug production related regulatory requirements; familiar with solid formulation, URS formulation, quality risk assessment and analysis, public system, equipment, process, cleaning and other validation.

Skilled use of office software, good communication and coordination ability;

The work is meticulous and responsible, good team work spirit, and can bear the greater work pressure.