QC Supervisor

job description

Post duties:

1, responsible for the arrangement and management of daily work in QC room, training and performance appraisal for subordinates, completing other tasks assigned by superiors and companies, ensuring that QC rooms meet the GMP requirements at home and abroad.

2, formulate relevant quality documents in the laboratory to ensure that the relevant verification work of the laboratory is carried out normally.

3, responsible for the use and maintenance of the instrument and equipment in the QC room.

4, responsible for organizing the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, intermediate products, finished products, stability test, validation (cleaning validation and process validation) samples, checking the results and issuing timely reports.

5, the purchase plan and inventory management of reagents, glass instruments, standard strains and other consumables for QC room inspection;

6, responsible for the safety of QC room.

Requirements for office:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry and pharmacy.

2 or more years of experience in the management of laboratory in the pharmaceutical factory, proficient in instrument, physical and chemical, microbiological testing, and GMP certification work experience

3, highly responsible and strong communication, coordination and organization skills, good team spirit and professionalism, able to work under certain pressure.