Provincial Sales Manager / District Sales Manager

job description

1. It is responsible for the marketing channels and sales of the products, and the implementation and completion of the annual sales plan of the company's products.

2, according to the company's marketing strategy, we should enhance sales value, control costs, expand sales of products in responsible areas, and actively fulfill sales targets and expand product market share.

3, keep good communication with customers, grasp the customer's needs in real time. Provide customers with active, enthusiastic, satisfactory and considerate services

4, according to the company's product, price and market strategy, the independent disposition of inquiries, quotations, contract terms, negotiation and contract signing, etc. During the execution of the contract, the operation of the various functional departments of the company is coordinated and supervised.

5, grasp the market price dynamically, provide the market analysis and forecast report and personal weekly report to the company regularly.

6, maintenance and development of new sales channels and new customers, independent development and expansion of upstream and downstream users, especially the end users.