job description

Responsible for all electrical equipment in the company, the maintenance and maintenance of the line, and ensure the safe and smooth production and living electricity.

1. Job responsibilities

1.1 under the leadership of the power manager, it is engaged in electrical equipment, line maintenance and related work.

1.2 participate in preventive maintenance of electrical equipment according to the plan to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

1.3 take part in the installation, debugging and verification of the new equipment.

1.4 to establish a complete record of repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, it must be carefully filled in.

The 1.5 time to participate in the high and low pressure refresher training, strict certificates.

1.6 to implement the policy of safe production, compliance, safety first, do the work of labor protection, prohibited illegal.

1.7 in time to the competent leadership to declare electrical equipment for vulnerable spare parts, in order to unify the purchase, to ensure the normal production of production.

1.8 conscientiously abide by the company's labor discipline and relevant regulations, keep the production place clean and tidy, speak professional ethics, and be civilized employees.

1.9 electrical equipment, line fault, must obey the company's leadership work arrangement, take part in overtime repair, in order to ensure the normal production of production.

1.10, we have a good command of the company's strong and weak electrical equipment, working principles and operation and maintenance. We have a good command of our company's power supply mode, the pipeline's direction and equipment's principle, technical performance and practical operation.

1.11 regular inspection and distribution equipment, to closely monitor the instrument working condition, accurate copy of the data and fill in the operation record of equipment.

1.12 complete the other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Work experience for more than 3 years with other electrician certificates

Professional quality requirements:

Knowledge of electrical technology, electronic technology, safety of electricity use;

To understand the two times the circuit diagram, according to the circuit principle map installation of electrical appliances, to solve equipment failures;

Skilled use of common tools, familiar with the safety of electricity common sense;

Be responsible for the daily maintenance, maintenance and some auxiliary work of the equipment in the company.

There is a basic understanding of GMP;

Responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the plant circuit.

Ensure that the circuit operates normally