Engineering / Equipment Engineer

job description

Post duties:

1, responsible for the selection of equipment, the drafting of equipment and facilities, the renovation plan, the annual maintenance plan;

2, is responsible for the verification and confirmation of the new installation equipment, and drafting the verification scheme and report;

3, responsible for the operator to carry out the training of equipment operation, and check the operation of the equipment;

4. The technical guidance for the maintenance workers;

5, complete the other work done by the superior.


1, education and training: HVAC, power, water supply and drainage, chemical, mechanical and other related professional and above;

2. Work experience: more than three years experience in equipment management in chemical industry, experience in engineering design of public equipment;

Familiar with chemical and pharmaceutical equipment, can repair and maintain engineering machinery and equipment, and be able to engage in field work. Skilled use of modern office software, Auto CAD and other mapping software.

Good writing skills, good logic, thinking and writing skills.

Good teamwork spirit and strong communication and coordination ability.